PopTiki of Colorado

Hei-Tiki Mug

A new take on a traditional image.

Being big fans of the art of the Maori, we have wanted to something inspired by their culture and aesthetic for some time, but we never quite came up with something that was different enough to be interesting, while still respecting the designs of the original works. But, after looking at the many amazing examples of the jade work of the Hei-Tiki, we came up with something we had not seen before. A Hei-Tiki Mug, with the bent head.

We produced this mug in a standard and a deluxe version.

The Deluxe version of this mug follows the inspiration and tradition of some of the Maori works by including a red tongue and eyes set with polished abalone shell we got from New Zealand. The body is the same darker translucent green, and the inside is the contrasting clear used on the Standard version. It should be noted that because of the abalone eyes, unlike the vast majority of our mugs, this one is not dishwasher safe, nor do we recommend using for drinking out of it as they could be damaged in the cleaning process.

Due to the unique design of the tilted head, this mug is not particularly easy to drink out of without the use of a straw.

  • YEAR:2009
  • HEIGHT:8"
  • DIAM:3.75" Side-to-Side, 4" Front-to-Back
  • VOL:16 Oz.