PopTiki of Colorado

Tiki Surf Club Mug

Inspiration from an Icon

This design was inspired by a Tiki mask that was seen on the box for the Revell model of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Surfite. While easily overlooked, the mask above the sign announcing the “Tiki Surf Club” had a unique look, and a great deal of appeal to us.

We produced this mug in a standard and a deluxe version.

The deluxe version of these features the same dark brown mottled glaze on the standard, but when fired a second time with the black, red and yellow accents, the glaze develops a different a rather appealing character. Like the standard version, this mug has the inside contrasting by using a clear glaze to let the natural color of the stoneware show through.

While being a very sizeable mug, its unique shape makes it easy to grip and hold securely.

  • YEAR:2009
  • HEIGHT:5.5"
  • DIAM:3.5" Side-to-Side, 4" Front-to-Back
  • VOL:20 Oz.