PopTiki of Colorado

Tourist Bucket

Continuation of an aesthetic

Being happy with how the P-2 mug turned out, and the very positive response we got with it, we decided to branch out a bit and make an attempt to create an old-style bucket mug with the same character of the Tourist Cup. Using the original as inspiration, Pop created the sculpt from wax and we began to produce the bucket as well.

The finish on these is taken up a notch from the P-@ by adding an underglaze wash to the bisque portion to give it additional dimension.

Due to the large size of this mug, it is also well suited to hold various other tidbts and snacks, and looks great sitting on any Tiki bar.

  • YEAR:2007
  • HEIGHT:3.75"
  • DIAM:4" (avg)
  • VOL:20 oz.

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