PopTiki of Colorado

Volcano Bowl

Bigger and Better

Since we really liked how our original Volcano mug came out, and we wanted to do a similar piece to it, the natural evolution was to create a volcano bowl. Leveraging the same design features of the original mug (the flaming cup and straw holes) we set about making a bowl that has the simplified look of traditional poly pop, yet offered something new and interesting. Care was taken to ensure that you can have both the flame burning in the top, and dry ice “smoke” rolling out of the crater.

This bowl is made utilizing 2 separate molds comprised of a total of 13 different pieces. They are very difficult to produce and temperamental to fire and as such will only be available in very limited quantities.

  • YEAR:2007
  • HEIGHT:5"
  • DIAM:10"
  • VOL:62 oz.

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