PopTiki of Colorado

Volcano Mug

Our first mug.

This is the mug that started it all for us. It was designed by Glen “Pop” Helzer and features a small reservoir on the rim of the mug designed to hold a small amount of high proof alcohol or other fuel (we have had great success with orange or lemon extract) to light a small flame to enhance your cocktail experience. The mug also features a straw hole to secure your drinking device of choice.

The original versions of this mug were done in an orange/black combination, but in 2008 we started doing them in red/black because we feel they look better. We’ve also done several different color/commissioned ones.

In addition to the ones you see here, we also made a mold for a version that we did with Gecko that South Seas Arts produced in Hawaii utilizing his unique glazing.

  • YEAR:2005
  • HEIGHT:5 1/2"
  • DIAM:4"
  • VOL:12 oz.

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