PopTiki of Colorado

Ku Mug

Classic Polynesian Pop

Our version of the iconic Hawaiian figure Tiki Mug.

The standard version of these features the rough bisque/underglaze finish found on our Tourist line of products, and is very similar to the finish on the classic “Peanut” Style mugs. The back is done in our favorite classic brown, and the inside is done in clear to show the natural color of our stoneware and to provide a bit of contrast.

Like some other of our 2010 mugs, different versions in various colors, including proofs and artist editions, have and will occasionally be made available.

This is a substantial mug, both in size and weight, and holds a substantial amount. It is not for the faint of heart.

  • YEAR:2009
  • HEIGHT:6.5"
  • DIAM:3.25"
  • VOL:22 oz.